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Advanced Adventure Diving

This Course is the next step on your scuba journey after Open Water certification. You've already learned the basics of how to scuba dive. In Advanced, you are enhancing your skills, and learning how to think like a diver. You will gain more experience, continue your diving education and sample different scuba specialties under the supervision of an instructor. With Advanced Adventure diver classes, you can expand your diving knowledge, skills and experience the many different aspects of diving, including wreck diving, digital photography, night diving, and more!
You will perform five Advanced specialty dives.
Two required core specialty dives will be 1 Deep Dive and 1 Navigation Dive

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More bottom Time

EZ Nitrox

NITROX, get more bottom time. Longer Bottom Times and Shorter Surface Intervals Nitrox is a mixture of less nitrogen and more oxygen that is found in air. Traditionally, it take long hours in the classroom, learning how to work obscure formulas and use complex dive tables. No more. Through Learning, you can complete most of the academic study online. Then we will meet and you will learn how to: Analyze, Log and Label a Nitrox filled cylinder. YES, it's that EZ. What are you waiting for?
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Inactive Diver Refresher

Do you need a scuba refresher course before your next dive ?

A Scuba Refresher is just what you need. It reacquaints you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the water.
Start by refreshing knowledge online, (E-learning).  While an overview of all material is given. You will do some practical exercises too. This portion of the refresher course is conducted  in confined water in a pool. 

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prepare for the unexpected

Rescue Diver Course

Rescue Diver, learn how to aid a diver in trouble The rescue certification course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills for and individual to effectively perform diver rescues and assists. Students are taught skills such as how to perform self rescues, recognize and calm potential panic divers, and administer proper first aid in emergencies. This course will also prepare you to prevent incidents and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies.
During the Diving weekend, you'll cover:
Self-rescue and diver stress
- Emergency Management and Equipment Swimming and non-swimming assists
- Panicked diver response
- Problems underwater
- Missing diver procedures
- Surfacing the unconscious diver
- In-water artificial respiration
- Egress (exits)
- First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
- Dive accident scenarios

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Semi Private Scuba Lessons

This course is deigned to prepare you for the Open-Water certification. This is a Two-Day Semi-Private Scuba Course. Includes: eLearning academics Use of Equipment including: (mask, snorkel and fins) Pool Classes, Thursday evenings from 7:00-10:30 pm. Age: Must be 10 or older. Must be able to swim comfortably.  All students must complete their eLearning course at least 24 hours prior to attending any pool class. All classes are separated into groups with a maximum of four students per instructor. All gear is cleaned and sanitized. Additional fees apply for the open-water certification You must complete 4 open water dives at conclusion of course to achieve full certification.