Guided Dives

Guided Scuba Excursions for certified divers

These dives are a great experience for the beginning diver.
Interested in guided dives for a group, or just for yourself? Want to gain more experience? Haven't been diving in cooler waters diving, and want to try it with a professional?
Then you should join us at Dutchsprings for a 2 dives with a dive profession to guide on a couple of fun dives. Dive on the underwater attractions that Dutch has to offer. 
$100. Includes weights, and 2 cylinders.
$140. Includes above plus, Regulator, BCD, wetsuit, hood and gloves
You can call us at 201.261.8700 for additional information.
Cancelation policy:
Full Refunds for: Trip cancellations due to inclement weather Trip cancellations due to boat mechanical problems before it leaves the dock (if using boat) We cancel the dive Cancel prior to 72 hours of dive time
No Refunds for: Cancellations made within 72 hours No-shows or for passengers arriving after scheduled time Bad visibility Garibaldi bites Gear problems