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Planning a tropical vacation this winter?
Learn here and get certified there!
SCUBA Referral Program.

We often look at going someplace warm for our winter vacation. Whenever we go away, we seek sun, adventures and activities to do while away. Scuba is usually easily found at most resorts and destinations. So why not arrive Ready to Dive?
Once the eLearning and pool sessions are done here, all you will need to complete the certification process is to Dive?  We will give you a referral form package. This will prepare you for the four certification dives required open to earn your SCUBA certification.

Open Water Referral
Our Open Water referral is accepted by the Global and the Universal Referral System and should be accepted by all training agencies that are affiliated with the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council). SDI is a international training organization with exceptional materials and customer service. If you need assistance locating a referral center, no worries that is what we are here for. Have your instructor or call us yourself and let us know where you are going, and we can assist you in finding that dream location to get you started on your new adventure. Once your destination instructor signs you off on your 4 open water training dives, you can immediately get registered and you’ll have your complimentary Digital Certification Card available on your phone, so you can go from island to island and dive as a certified scuba diver. Your c-card will be waiting for you in the mailbox or at your local dive shop once you get back home.

The Benefit of the Local Dive Center when it comes to Training
With today’s technology, you can start off taking your open water classes at home on your own time.

  1. eLearning: The academic portion of the scuba class allows you to do home studies and streamline the time spent in the classroom. Your instructor will ask you to come in, but eLearning experience will be a lot more fun than lectures and note taking and the time spent with your instructor to be more valuable.

  2. Confined Water: You will also be getting in the pool to practice the skills. This is the time time to sample gear and configurations that suit you best. If you need additional pool time to fine-tune your skills, you have that here at home taking the pressure off – this benefit may not be available to you at a resort due to cost and your limited days there. This is an advantage you really do not have if you decide to do it all from start to finish at the resort.

Beginner classes start on Sundays

Click here for dates

Start eLearning now then come do your lessons at one of our pools in Bergen or Morris Counties.


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