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NOW is the Time to ReDiscover Diving

A non-certification class, open to all certified scuba divers of all skill levels. The goal is to help get some of the “rusty” divers safely back into the water, while teaching everybody about dive safety, accident prevention and rescue. Students may do as much or as little as they wish. Divers must provide or rent their own diving equipment.
Remember your first diving experience, and all the reasons you wanted to become a diver.
Our first dive filled us with awe and sheer excitement.
I think that this is the way most people feel when they first learned to dive. By the time we were certified, we became scuba addicts. Come and explore a few simple ways to rediscover the excitement of your first time underwater.

Often, divers stop diving because a lot of time has elapsed between dives and they forget how thrilling it is. There are many reasons that this can happen. Maybe you got certified on vacation and then let diving fall by the wayside. Perhaps it’s simply a lack of someone to dive with. Once months, and even years, have passed between dives, it can seem difficult to return to diving. As skills get rusty, your confidence may wane, the idea of getting back in the water makes you feel anxious rather than exciting. We have the solution to all of these issues.

You may feel bad that you might have half-forgotten theory and your rusty mask-clearing skills, but you will be surprised at how quickly these things come back to you if you give them the chance.
It’s easier to get back into diving than you think.
Our Re-Discover Diving is an excellent way to restore confidence, practice essential skills and go over theory with eLearning and skills under the supervision of a trained professional. We will start your Re-Discover Diving in the pool with calm conditions, good visibility, warm water and no current. That way, once you return to open water you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your time underwater, and remembering why you loved diving in the first place.


  • Diving Safety Review & Accident Prevention

  • Dive Planning

  • Medical Aspects of Diving

  • Boyles Law

  • Introduction to Oxygen Administration & Nitrox

POOL (2 sessions)

  • Diving Equipment Review and Gear Updates

  • Diving Skills Review and Techniques

  • Diver Assists and Tows

  • Emergency Ascent Review

  • Uncooperative or Panicked Diver on the Surface

Refresher session
Jacket Size

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