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SR¹ high performance regulator will be available in stores in January 2008. With superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.5 RMV, the SR¹ is the most technologically advanced regulator Sherwood Scuba has produced in its storied 50 year history.

The SR¹ utilizes a pneumatically balanced second stage, with a two-piece flow-through first stage piston for precise optimum balance and intermediate pressure control. The first stage is environmentally sealed featuring a dry-sealed spring chamber, two high pressure ports, five low pressure ports on a 360 degree swivel and is compatible with a yoke or DIN attachment. The second stage contains a SMART demand lever and floating crown which reacts to depressurization and relieves the load on the seat, extending seat life while promoting consistent performance.

Importantly, the second stage employs a unique single adjustment point to simultaneously set opening effort and high flow performance with one motion--the need to make separate adjustments has therefore been eliminated. The size of the SR¹ control knob has also been optimized to enable easy location and operation, even for a diver wearing gloves.

The SR¹ packs its advanced technology into a compact case which employs contemporary styling and utilizes a multitude of cutting edge materials.

Scubalab First Look: March 2008

What's new in dive gear

March 2008

By John Brumm
Photography by Joseph Byrd

Sherwood Scuba SR1 Regulator

Sherwood regulators have long enjoyed a reputation for durability, but with the new SR1, the company plans to show the world it can compete in the realms of innovative design and high performance, too. The first stage is polished chrome over brass with five low-pressure ports on a turret and co-molded yoke knob. It houses a unique, balanced, flow-through piston inside a dry-sealed spring chamber, in essence offering the best of both worlds: the reduced corrosion benefits of a diaphragm reg, with the performance and durability benefits of a piston reg. But the goodies don't stop there. At the other end of the SR1's low-pressure hose, the plastic second-stage body has an almost velvety texture to it and an attractive chrome trim ring. Eye-catching stuff to be sure, but what makes this pneumatically balanced breather really interesting is the adjustment knob that simultaneously controls both the venturi effect (to avoid free-flows at the surface) and spring tension (to regulate breathing resistance at depth). According to Sherwood, combining the two functions makes for a more user-friendly reg and, based on our test dives, we'd have to agree. The SR1 also comes standard with an oversized exhaust valve to reduce exhalation resistance and an external adjustment fitting that allows your shop's reg tech to keep the second stage tuned to peak performance.

All these features come together to make one sweet-breathing regulator. In standard swimming and head-down-in-a-lobster-hole positions, air delivery is dry and effortless. The flexible full-face purge provides a forceful blast of air, and the low-profile exhaust tee does a good job of deflecting bubbles. Bottom line: This is a solid breather. We can't wait to give it a full review in our upcoming evaluation of new regs, due out in the July issue. MSRP: $640.

OASIS Regulator

If you’re a warm-water diver who gets that awful feeling of dry mouth, you are going to love the Oasis. Sherwood has exclusively developed two, second-stage moisture-retention fins for the Oasis that keep your mouth cool and comfortable all-dive long. Oasis also features:

  • Sherwood’s unique dry first stage.
  • A Wisdom® mouthpiece comfortably eases the bite needed to hold the regulator, reducing jaw fatigue.
  • Sherwood’s exclusive baffled-and-extended exhaust tee reduces bubble size and moves them out of your line of vision—also reduces regulator bounce and jaw fatigue.
  • Two primary-flow ports that boost outlet pressure to the second stage for easier breathing.
  • Sherwood’s patented, moisture-retention fins that reduce dry mouth and allow you to direct air flow and optimize breathing characteristics to match any dive condition.

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