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SDI COMPUTER NITROX COURSE: Traditionally, becoming a Nitrox Diver required long hours in the classroom, learning how to work obscure formulas and use complex dive tables. No more. Through SDI’s on-line training program, you can complete most of the required academic study in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. And, as with all SDI programs, you’ll learn to dive Nitrox the modern way, using Nitrox-programmable dive computers instead of arcane formulas and complicated tables. This SDI specialty course will change the way you think about diving and the way you execute your dives.

Nitrox Cylinders
  • Few advances in the realm of diving have had a more profound impact during the past two decades than the widespread availability of Enriched Air Nitrox. And nothing has made the switch from diving air to diving its more exotic cousin more straightforward or more enjoyable than Nitrox programmable dive computers.
  • Simply put, nitrox — air with additional oxygen content — allows divers to enjoy longer bottom times (and shorter surface intervals) than their air-breathing dive buddies, while staying within the limits that were stressed in their open water training.
  • Nitrox makes this possible because it contains reduced levels of nitrogen compared to air and less nitrogen translates into more bottom time! But of course there is a price to pay. Diving nitrox does present risks that are not present diving air and these risks require divers to take some additional steps during their pre-dive planning and that they then adhere to that dive plan.
  • During this course, you will learn about all the risks associated with Nitrox diving and the rules to follow to make sure those risks will be avoided. You will also learn how to dive safely with Nitrox mixes containing oxygen levels ranging from 22 to 40 percent.
  • In addition, you will learn that the best tool to help you apply your new-found knowledge and to help you track your nitrox dives thoroughly is your nitrox programmable dive computer.
  • You will discover that diving Nitrox is not rocket science. The concepts are straightforward and easy to understand. Of course, like most things relating to diving, the subject does have another side and if the science and technology behind the basic concepts of nitrox interest you or if you find yourself wondering how nitrox with higher levels of oxygen than 40 percent would affect you diving, you may want to consider continuing on to Technical Diving International’s (TDI’s) Advanced Nitrox Diver course.
  • Upon completion of the On-line portion of this course. Student must attend a class on, Analyzing, Labeling and Logging a Nitrox filled cylinder.

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