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Scuba Diving Certification Options 

SCUBA Lessons for Open Water Referral

Learn to SCUBA Locally and Get Certified on Vacation

What are SCUBA Lessons for Open Water Referral?
SCUBA Lessons for Open water referral dives, allows you to complete the certification
dives at your vacation destination. Students enrolling for just SCUBA lessons finish all
pool work and eLearning locally with us at the dive center. We then issue you the SCUBA
referral forms, which your destination dive center uses to verify the training so that you
can complete the open water certification dives.

What Are the Advantages of Open Water Referral Programs?

  • By completing the theory portion of the scuba certification course before leaving on
    vacation, student divers eliminate the need to spend time studying on vacation.

  • Students who do their SCUBA lessons locally usually have a longer period of time to learn
    the information than those who try to cram studying into vacation hours. In general,
    referral students tend to have a better grasp of dive theory than those who study on

  • Divers who enroll in a scuba lessons for referral program complete all the pool work with
    us. Referral students save time on vacation because you show up ready
    to dive. Pool classes back home allows you more time to practice and to become comfortable with basic dive skills because there is no pressure to cram an entire open water certification course into a limited vacation schedule.

SCUBA Lessons, eLearning and Certification Locally

Open water courses given locally can be one of the most effective ways for
students to learn to dive. These courses usually last several weeks, with theory and pool
classes on weekends or weeknight in the evenings and open water certification dives over the weekends. Because the course is spread out over several weeks, students have a good amount of time to become comfortable with the information and skills presented in the course.

  • Completing an open water course locally introduces you to the dive community in their
    area. Diving is a great way to network and make adventurous friends, and you will
    discover local dive sites to enjoy with a dive buddy after completing certification.

  • During the cooler months of the year, you can complete your scuba lessons now and complete the open water certification dives in the spring or summer.
    You may also consider consider do the Open water referral dives on vacation.

  • The main disadvantage of taking a certification course on vacation is that there is a
    limited amount of time to complete the course. The entire course may be crammed into 4
    days or less. While it is possible to teach a good open water course in 4 days, it
    requires the presentation of a huge amount of information in a relatively short period of
    time. Students planning on a vacation course should expect full (but fun) days of hard
    work. As students on vacation generally have less time to master course material and
    practice skills, they may not reach the same level of diving expertise by the end of the
    course as they would have achieved had they taken the course back home.

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