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Fast Trac Scuba Certification


When Time is of the Essence; The "Fast Trac" Scuba Diver Program can meet your demanding schedule. Our staff has designed a program to fit most individual or group needs. Anyone on a tight schedule or short on time, should take advantage of the Fast Trac Scuba Program. 
The Fast-Trac Scuba Diver Program is designed for people who are comfortable and motivated, for eLearning study. While this course requires less overall time at the Dive Center, the accelerated nature of this program requires online eLearning. The course is shortened using an eLearning educational format rather than a full lecture. The academic review sessions concentrate mostly on those points that you may have missed on your own. More time is devoted to the actual pool work. Instructors are available to assist if necessary. we know that the time and resources involved in learning to scuba dive with 1.877.SCUBA.USA will be well spent.


All scheduled and done in 2-3 weeks. No shortcuts, just good planning

Typical Schedule

Week 1: Tuesday and Thursday Evening Pool/Review

Week 2: Tuesday and Thursday Evening Pool/Review

               Saturday and Sundays Openwater Certification dives


eLearning and Pool Sessions
You will learn the theory behind SCUBA Diving.
In the pool you will learn how to use the necessary gear. Diving regulators, Buoyancy control devices (BCD), Dive computers, Air cylinders, Wetsuits and Weight systems.

Open Water Certification
After your pool and academics, you'll head out to the "Openwater," where you and your instructor will make four dives, usually over two days. On these dives you'll get to explore the underwater world. You'll apply the skills you learned in the pool while enjoying what the local environment has to offer.
Most student divers complete these dives close to home, but there is an option for finishing your training while on holiday.

Pay One Price

Simple as A B C


    Basic Practice at the Pool (3/4 sessions)

       Certification Dives (4)

Fast Trac Certification $598 Complete

We look forward to diving with you. Questions give us a call at (201) 261 8700, or email us.
For a Schedule of upcoming classes and times click here!


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