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ERDi offers OnLine Awareness Level Programs for:

 - ER Diver 1

 - Tender

 - Contaminated Water Diving Operations


These ERDI programs are available to Public Safety professionals regardless of your position within a department. Programs are classified in three different levels, Awareness, Operations, and Technician. The Awareness level program can be completed simply by doing the online academics for the ERDI course of interest. Upon completion of any of the online ERDI Academy courses, you receive an awareness level certificate. For additional awareness and understanding of the course you can audit the practical session. They are also a great mechanism for familiarizing non-diving team members and administrators with public Safety Diving operations


ERDI Emergency Response Diver I

Participants will receive instruction on role of public safety divers, dive team classifications and staffing, responding to a scene, knot tying and rigging and post dive  record keeping. In addition, participants will receive instruction in the use of specialized  equipment and alternative strategies.


ERDI Tender

ERDI Tender Dive tenders are truly the most valuable entity to the dive team as they are required to have the largest knowledge base and working knowledge of every aspect of the teams design, capabilities and equipment selection and even dive management strategies. Tenders must be diligent, professional, dedicated and hard working or the team and dive operations may suffer.


ERDI Contaminated Water Diving
This course is designed to introduce the participant to the issues, concerns and strategies necessary to plan for and operate in waters that may contain harmful materials. It is important to note that this course is intended for general practitioners in the public safety realm, not those who operate in Haz-Mat diving or more tenacious settings.

COST $95 Each or Choose All three for $270

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ERD Programs 2011

May 14/15 and 21/22

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