Dorset Marble Quarry

South Dorset, VT

Saturday, May 27th at 10am

Dive Leader:  Divemaster Steve

2 Dives - 11am and 1pm


Here's your chance to dive in the oldest marble quarry in the US.   The Dorset Marble Quarry is located in South Dorset, VT right outside the tourist loving town of Manchester.   Spend your day diving in this breathtaking quarry and your night dining in a Vermont style restaurant.   It doesn't get much better than this! 

Scroll down for pictures of the quarry.   You'll see that it's truly one of the hidden gems of New England!



Dorset Marble Quarry is the country's first commercial marble quarry opened by Isaac Underhill in 1785 on the land of Reuben Bloomer.  Over the next 130 years, this quarry along with two dozen or more others located on the slopes of Dorset Mountain and Mt. Aeolus provided marble for headstones, lintels, hearths and the like in the early years, followed by monumental uses and later building stone used in many notable buildings, such as the New York Public Library, the library of Brown University, and Memorial Continental Hall of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington, D.C. Several mansions on New York City's 5th Avenue were built of Dorset marble, and many bank buildings across the land were graced by interiors lined with polished Dorset marble, some of which was attractively streaked or tinted with green or bluish colors.


Quarry Facts:

Max Depth: 60ft

Water temperature: 45-55 degrees

Visibility: 10-20ft



There's no admission charge to the quarry, however, divers

are responsible for providing their own gear, transportation, meals, and accommodations.

For rentals send an email to 


Required to dive:

Open Water Certification Card

7mm Wet Suit, Dry Suit Recommend

BCD, Regulator, Weight Belt w/ weights

Hood, Gloves, Boots

2 full tanks, 2800psi minimum

Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Dive Knife

Recommended:  Flashlight, Safety Sausage

For rentals send an email to



Approx 3.25 hours from 1877ScubaUSA in Paramus, NJ 

Email me at for accommodation



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